Dathliad Wyneb I Wyneb

In Welsh the title means: Face-to-Face Celebration. I thought this was a fitting title for several reasons. First, we took our level Sylfaen Welsh exams this month. Secondly, we were able to have much more “face-to-face” meetings. Lastly, we celebrated Ethan’s fifth Birthday. Let’s dive in…

Arholiad Cymraeg (Welsh Exam)

Since late 2017, Miriam and I have been attending weekly Welsh lessons. Now, you might be tempted to think that someone should have mastered a language in 3+ years, but I’d like to ask you, “Are you a master of the English language?” Perhaps, but if you’re honest, you’d probably admit that even with your native tongue, you still have things to learn. Well, that’s the boat we’re in. We’re plenty capable of holding a conversation in Welsh, but we’re still learning, with lots of “Sorry, what was that again?” moments.

Welsh Class

With that said, I’m really pleased to announced we’ve passed into the “Intermediate” (Canolradd) stage of learning as we just completed a proficiency exam for the “Foundation” (Sylfaen) stage. What’s exciting is the opportunities that speaking Welsh has provided. From an impromptu chat with a neighbour over the fence, to the possibility of future involvement in schools, the potential is massive! We’ve already started to see that people will come to special events, if we offer the event bilingually (e.g. the Easter Trail). Furthermore, this Summer, Korey will have the opportunity to serve at an all-Welsh-speaking camp in Aberystwyth!

Wyneb I Wyneb (Face to Face)

We were so refreshed, this past month, to be able to meet and serve as a church in person again. This, however, wasn’t the easiest task. This last month there’s been an increase in Covid cases and as such a lot of “back and forth” on regulations and people’s readiness to engage. Nevertheless, we’ve been able to move forward and I was able to preach, in person, indoors, at church, again for the first time since March 2020! Now, I needed to wear a face shield to comply with our country’s Covid regulations (which felt really strange), but still, it was great to be “back in the room” with the people of the church. Furthermore, this month, Miriam took a strong lead on getting our Children’s Connect (Sunday School) meeting back in-person. This had an amazing response, and we even had new families coming along, having their children attend Connect. It’s also been really encouraging to move all of your Youth for Christ related meetings back to “in-person”. We’ve had some really great meetings around campfires, at the beach, and indoors – with an online Minecraft option for those who prefer to stay home. All in all, the meetings have been very blessed and well attended each week.

Dathlu Pump Pen-Blwydd Ethan (Celebrating Ethan’s 5th Birthday)

Yes, Ethan is now 5! Crazy, I know! So, this year Ethan really wanted to visit an indoor skate park. So, we took him to Rampworx in Liverpool and you’d think the kid was in Heaven! He had a lesson from an instructor who told us that he’s quite talented and doesn’t need lessons! (Wish he’d known that before the lesson!) So, watch this space, who knows, Ethan could be the world next best Trick Scooter performer!

Prayer Requests:

  • Safety and wisdom regarding in-person meetings as many are concerned about new Delta variant.
  • Formation of Colwyn Youth for Christ. We have September as target launch date.
  • Safe, blessed, restful, and fruitful Summer months

Thank you for your Prayers and Support

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