Our Vision


Purpose / Vision / Mission / Tasks / Goals


Finches4UK exists to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ relevantly to the youth of Great Britain.


I see North Wales as being the place in Britain where:

  • There are many young active Christians worshipping Jesus
  • The current statistic of “95% of teens not going to church”* decreases significantly.
  • Churches that are full of the praises of young people sung to God can easily be found.
  • The words “church” and “youth” start to become more synonymous.
  • Welsh culture feels loved and enabled to worship God in it’s native tongue.
  • There is hope in the air because Jesus is known to be King.


By 2040, to have partnered with Youth For Christ in order to build a “Network” of Youth for Christ Centres (or equivalent partners) across the whole of North Wales, with the goal of these centres increasing the amount of young people worshiping Jesus Christ, thus reducing the percentage of youth not being involved in Christian worship from 95% to 75%. In short: a network of youth minsitry centres for 20% in 20 years.


  • Continue serving at Llandudno Youth for Christ: Reverb, Recess, Redefine, and Shuffle and Shake as a means of training and preparation for the future.
  • Partner with Llandudno Youth for Christ to launch Shuffle and Shake in Colwyn Bay.
  • Work with Llandudno Youth for Christ to grow Shuffle and Shake from an event to it’s own independent Youth for Christ centre.
  • Work towards the establishment of School’s work in Colwyn Bay.
  • Continue working toward fluency in Cymraeg (Welsh language).
  • Continue Preaching in North Wales Churches for Youth Revival.


  • By 2024, to have grown Colwyn Bay Youth for Christ into a heathy, robust Centre.
  • By 2024, to have learnt Cymraeg well enough to be able to communicate at an academic level: School assemblies, preaching, teaching, and writing.
  • By 2025, to be begun working with Youth for Christ towards the establishment of a third Youth for Christ centre in North Wales.
  • From 2025 to 2040, to continue working alongside Youth for Christ towards the expansion of the “Network” across the rest of North Wales.
  • By 2040, for the percentage of non-worshipping youth in North Wales to reduce from 95% to 75% or less.

Cover Photo by Matt Noble on Unsplash

* Peter Brierley, UK Church Statistics 2, 2010–2020, Tonbridge: ADBC Publishers, 2014