Journey or Destination?

Unexpected Journey I was sad to hear that my Grandfather, Dr James Wilkins, passed away on Christmas Day. Because of the impact that he had on my life I decided to take a trip back to the States to speak at his funeral. There were many miles on this trip as I drove from Dallas […]

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Billy Graham, Britain, and Me

Billy Graham has long been an inspiration to me. Just recently I started reading his autobiography Just as I am. I have been fascinated by the impact he had on Britain. Nearly every time I mention Billy Graham in a church setting here, someone will chime in with something like, “Oh, my cousin became a […]

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Blossoms Amidst the Cold

It has been a long and cold winter here in North Wales. Normally our winters are relatively mild but this winter we had half a dozen snow days and the kids were off school numerous times. The first snow was a special treat, but after losing my keys and accidentally breaking a plastic garden chair […]

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