Building Bridges Back

It’s been another busy and exciting month here in North Wales. As Covid restrictions have started to ease but still remain in place, we’re finding that we need to, yet again, re-think how we do things, and “build bridges” so that people transition from an “online-only” experience to now: smaller in-person meetings, outdoor meetings, and hybrid (in-person and online) meetings. It’s quite the challenge, but it’s rewarding. Here are some of the highlights.

Camp fires and Beach gatherings

One of the ways that we’ve been transitioning back to “in-person” meetings is by meeting outdoors. This has been around a camp fire in a church’s front garden and on the beach. In both scenarios, young people have flocked in, eager to “come together” again. It’s been a great time of reunion and renewed interest in the Word of God. It’s also been really encouraging to meet some people “in-person” for the first time. It’s a bit strange but really amazing how that some of the young people and parents we’ve met exclusively online the past month, we are now getting to meet in-person for the first time! Please pray for these.

New Laptop and Hybrid Meetings

We were gifted with a “gaming laptop” this past month to further our efforts with Minecraft and online ministries. This has been a huge blessing and we’ve already started putting the laptop to work. The last two weeks we were able (in limited numbers) to meet again indoors for Shuffle and Shake. As we’ve created quite the community online we were keen to not abandon those who prefer to meet online and thus have been using this new laptop to host a Minecraft server alongside a Zoom meeting. This way, young people can join in (in real time) with our Shuffle and Shake meeting and continue to play games together, and hear the Good News of Jesus Christ, right along with the young people meeting with us in person.

Covid Jabs

I’m happy to say that both Miriam and I had our first Covid Jabs (i.e. British slang for shots/injections) this past month. We’re currently scheduled to have our second jab in 10 weeks’ time. It was a bit surreal as the place where we got our jabs was a temporary Covid Hospital. The hospital was formally Venue Cymru where this time last year we participated in the Higher Tour where I led 4 young people to Christ.

House Update

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the many who have given special donations this past month to help us with a mortgage. We know God will provide and are looking eagerly forward to that day. At the moment with the housing market being at an all-time high, we’ve decided to stop pursuing lenders for the time being. We continue to save money and trust that God will provide us a house.

Prayer Requests:

  • For wisdom in teaching on Hell. A topic the young people at Shuffle and Shake have requested.
  • I have a meeting this month with a young man that I led to the Lord and is currently not in church.
  • I have been invited to speak in the “virtual chapel” for Rydal Penrhos school this month.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

The Finches

Cover Photo by Alejandro Piñero Amerio on Unsplash

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