The Sun is Rising


Wow, what a blessed and busy month it has been! In semi-chronological order here’s the highlights:

Firstly, I had the great privilege and opportunity to preach to an entire school (about 450 pupils) for their special Harvest Chapel service. Now, this is quite a culturally unique event that I’ll try to explain. Harvest in many ways is like Thanksgiving in the States but it occurs earlier in the year. Furthermore, churches have a long standing tradition of having “Harvest Services” in which food donations are made for the poor. This was a great opportunity to tell a huge group of children, teenagers and teachers about Jesus using Minecraft as an illustration!

Secondly, our church had the fantastic opportunity to put on a Children’s Evangelistic Show using Children’s Minister Doug Hourley (aka Dougie Dug Dug). This was amazing as we filled a 200 seat theatre with children and parents from the town to see and hear Doug perform his “Circus Praise Party” which included a beautiful portrayal of the Gospel. It was fantastic to then see some parents come along to church the following Sunday!

Thirdly, when Halloween came around, we didn’t turn out the lights and hide, in fact we did the opposite! We turned on lots of lights and hosted a “Light Trail” event. This was so much fun! I got to dress up as Mario (from the video game) and direct children and families on the Trail of Light that led them straight to the Light of the World, Jesus!

Fourthly, On the Sunday morning before the “Light Trail” I was officially inducted as the Assistant Minister: Youth and Families of Prince’s Drive Baptist Church. It was a moving service full of promises and prayers and a sense of God’s pointing to the future.

Fifthly, And I’m so excited about this one, Colwyn Youth for Christ has officially become a Registered UK Charity! We have so many plans in the pipeline and are looking to launch new ministries early in the New Year and then in the Spring including a Skate Park outreach ministry.

Sixthly, perhaps a bit boring, but still very important, I decorated and moved into a new office space where I can do all my admin/office work as both an Assistant Minister and the Director of Colwyn Youth for Christ. What’s really special about the space is that it also serves as a “Sunday school classroom” and this last Sunday it was packed full of 15 young people on a Sunday morning, a rare and blessed sight indeed in the UK!

Lastly, a very important announcement. As of Dec 15th we will no longer be listed as missionaries with Central Missionary Clearinghouse (CMC). This is because I will from January 1st be working for Colwyn Youth for Christ. Now this position/ministry is still very much in need of financial support. That is why I’ve been in contact with Youth for Christ International and they have taken me on as a missionary and will be handling any future US Donations (after Dec. 15th) to myself in our work with Colwyn Youth for Christ here in North Wales.

This has always been the dream and the mission, to set up a YFC centre in Wales and now it has happened! I humbly and gratefully ask if you would please continue to support the Lord’s work as we step into this new chapter of God’s mission. If you are a donor, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions. I will be reaching out to each donor individually to ask you about continuing your support and to thank you for your support thus far. But please know that we will not be able to receive any more donations through CMC after December 15th of this year.

God is so good! He has blessed so much and there is so much of His Love on the horizon! The sun isn’t setting on North Wales, it is rising with new light – Jesus Himself!

Thank you for your prayers and support!

-Korey Finch and Family

Header Image: Photo by Kaique Rocha from Pexels

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