A Great ending and a new beginning

First, a huge thanks to all of you who have moved your support from Central Missionary Clearinghouse to Youth for Christ International. If you haven’t already done so you can by clicking Here.

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The last few weeks have been an amazing finish to an already incredible year. Firstly, at the end of November, I had my one-year follow up appointment for my knee. At the appointment the doctor said that everything looked great and I was released to start playing sports again!

Furthermore, these past for weeks have been very busy as I’ve started to settle in to my two new positions: Assistant Minister (Pastor) and Centre Director of Colwyn Youth for Christ.

Assistant Minister Highlights:

  • We had a Baptism in the sea (See Video Below)
  • We had a Toddler’s Christmas Special service.
Don’t Forget Jesus! The Toddler’s Christmas Message
  • We had a Special Candlelight service in a cathedral-like church building
  • We’ve been blessed with an increased Youth attendance to Sunday services.

Colwyn Youth for Christ Centre Director Highlights:

  • We are now officially recognized by both Youth for Christ UK and YFC International
  • As many of you will know we are now set up as staff/missionaries with Youth for Christ International.
  • We had a great term of Shuffle and Shake meetings
  • We’ve had to set a maximum capacity to 20 youth and we’ve been at capacity nearly every night!
    • We had a fun In-Person version of the popular video game “Among Us” as a Christmas special event.
    • We’ve taken our first steps towards establishing a new project called “Living Room” in town. This will likely be at a second location named, “@20”. This project will focus specifically on exploring Christianity with seeking young people.

The Newsletter in the New Year

In the New Year, the newsletter will be changing from “Finches4UK” to “Colwyn Youth for Christ.”

It’s still me (Korey) writing the newsletter, but it will take a slightly different form, as it will start focusing primarily on the work of Colwyn Youth for Christ and less on other areas of life and ministry. I realise that you may well be interested in following aspects of our family life and church life and as such I would encourage you to follow us on Facebook for aspects of our family life as well as our church’s Facebook Page “Prince’s Drive Baptist Church, Colwyn Bay” for aspects of our church life.

Also, my plan for next year is to move to producing the newsletter every other month rather than every month. This will enable me to have to time to prepare a quality newsletter that contains good news stories, areas of praise, and areas for prayer.

As there will be a longer gap between newsletters, I will also be creating a new Colwyn Youth for Christ Facebook Page, where I will be posting regular updates (announcements, praises, and prayer requests) in between newsletters.

I will continue to provide both a digital and a printed version of the newsletter but the location of the digital version (blog) will be changing as I will stop adding entries to Finches4uk.com and will starting using Colwyn.yfc.co.uk (this website does not yet exist) or something similar for posting the newsletter. I’ll still be sending out emails via Mailchimp and paper versions of the newsletter to those who have asked to receive a paper copy.

So, don’t worry, you will still be getting a newsletter in the same manner that you have before, it will just be every other month and from the context of Colwyn Youth for Christ.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Prayer Requests

  • For CYFC to get “Living Room” up and Running by the end of February or earlier.
  • For CYFC to have positive first contact with our local council in regards to our desire to start a skate park ministry.
  • For us as a family to be granted a mortgage and find our future home.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and as always…

Thank you for your prayers and support!

-Korey Finch and Family


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