Great News!

I can now live permanently in the UK. This is called “Indefinite Leave to Remain” or “Permanent Residency.” I am now no longer bound to being on a visa in the UK. Furthermore, as I am now considered a “permanent resident,” we can now approach a bank/lender regarding a mortgage for a house. With a house, we could really start putting down roots and investing into a long-term ministry agenda. Speaking of ministry, let me tell you about some exciting things that have been happening this month:

Knee Rehab and Future of Sports Ministry: I’ve had another great month of knee rehab. I spoke to my physiotherapist today and he said it was reasonable for me to aim to be playing casual sports by summer. This is very exciting as I really enjoy using sports to share the Gospel. In fact, our nearby park has just put in some new asphalt and a basketball goal. We’ve started to get to know some neighbourhood kids as a result. God’s timing is perfect!

Children’s Ministry Growth: Last month we transitioned our Family Service online due to Covid lockdown restrictions. This month, we’ve been able to make some adjustments and incorporate it as part our church’s regular online Sunday Service. Now, at the end of our church’s Zoom meeting we have a children’s breakout session. It’s almost as if the kids are “going to their Sunday school rooms!” Since the adjustment, we’ve seen an increase in numbers. This is real blessing as lockdown has been especially hard on children to attend church.

Continued Youth Ministries Online: Here in Wales, we continue to be in a state of strict lockdown. Children are not in schools, shops are closed, and gatherings are not allowed. But we have not sat idle. We’ve put on our thinking caps and have gone digital. This month I’ve been to a digital… Youth mini-retreat away called “Den Fest”, a Welsh mini-camp called “mini-gwersyll”, our weekly Shuffle and Shake meetings, and Miriam has been involved with “weekly workshops.” It’s been busy times in a good kind of way.

Lockdown update and Family news: So, although we’re still in lockdown, restrictions are forecasted to gradually ease. Ethan started back to school this month and Lydia will return next week. High Schools aren’t fully back in session, but some year groups will be starting back in the next coming weeks. Hopefully, by Summertime we’ll be able to return to physical gatherings. Lydia turned 8 this month! How time flies! As you may guess from her cake, she is loving Minecraft.

Prayer Requests:

  • That we can secure a mortgage for a house – The finances to afford a deposit, a bank/lender to look favourably on our “abnormal source of income”, and the right house to come available on the market.
  • God’s blessing on our church’s Easter activities that Miriam has had a big hand in helping to organise.
  • Easing of lockdown restrictions as we enter the Spring and Summer – that we can meet with people again and safely restart physical gatherings at church and youth meetings and schools.
  • God’s direction and provision on potential Skate Park and Street Ministries.
  • For a blessed beginning to Colwyn Bay Youth for Christ – much groundwork has been laid and is being laid, please continue to pray.

Thank your for your prayers and support!


2 thoughts on “Great News!

  1. Great news letter Cory! So happy for all the good things that are happening in your life and ministry.
    Keep up all the good works and good luck looking for a house .
    Tell everyone we seen our love!!!💙

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank Aunt Shell. Love you and thanks for Ethan’s birthday card…he’s wanting to get “Beyblades” they’re spinning tops that you can “battle”. =)


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