Easter, Holiday, and Outdoors

We serve a God that overcomes! Every time a hurdle presents itself like my permanent residency or Easter with Covid restrictions, God makes a way. Here’s a quick lookback over the events of this past month.

Another Year Older:  On March 26th I had my second birthday in Lockdown. Nonetheless, it was still a joyous occasion and I’m very thankful for all the blessings from this past year like my knee repair, permanent residency and many other things.   

Easter Trail: An amazing blessing this past month was our church’s “Easter Trail”. As many were still quite apprehensive about meeting indoors, Miriam came up with the idea of having a scavenger hunt plotted across the town. She designed it to be bilingual with the “Easter Trail” starting at the church with a clue sheet and ending back at the church with an awarded prize: a chocolate “Real Easter” egg (Bible story included in the packaging). As the trail was also in Welsh, we had several Welsh-speaking families that participated. We don’t know the exact total amount of participants, but I’d guess we had about 200, as we gave away 100 chocolate eggs to the children. It’s also worth saying this was a great way to interact with various local businesses by asking them to be a one of the “stops” along the trail. I personally got to deliver a “Thank You” card and 5 chocolate eggs to the staff at our local KFC, which they were very happy about.    

Family Holiday: After a busy weekend with the Easter Trail and Easter Sunday we headed to a nice spot called Morfa Bychan. There, we were able to stay 4 nights in a “static caravan” (I kept saying, “we call these mobile homes in Texas!”). We were able to share the holiday with some of Miriam’s family. This made it nice for the kids as they were able to play together. Although we were a bit shocked when it started snowing, we generally had a nice time and were glad to “get away” for a bit.

Outdoor Youth Gatherings: At this point we are still not allowed to gather indoors, but with the weather (for the most part) starting to warm up, we’ve been able to start meeting outdoors. Last Sunday we had a campfire gathering. This was a breath of fresh air for the young people and had 20 eager teens come along.  

Advert for our Youth Gathering. Sorry I don’t have pictures of the teens. As of yet, I don’t have photo consent from parents.

House Challenges: It has been a challenging month regarding finding a house. We have heard back from a handful of mortgage lenders but only one was willing to lend us money due to our income coming from America and me being “self-employed”. Even then, this lender was only willing to give us significantly less than the average amount needed for a 3-bedroom house. Still, we are confident that God will provide. Thank you to all of you who have given so generously and prayed for us.

Prayer Requests:

  • For God to provide a house for us.
  • Wisdom in transitioning projects back into physical gatherings.
  • God’s direction and provision regarding the formation of Colwyn Bay Youth for Christ

Thank you for your prayers and support!


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