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I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t think Minecraft was a big deal. A year ago, I would have thought the same. In fact, a year ago I thought it was a waste of time. “It’s just virtual Lego,” I would say. “What’s the point?” But then Lockdown hit, and everything changed.

There’s a lot of work put into hosting a Minecraft Session

All meetings were cancelled. Even today, meetings are only just starting to re-open with lots of social distancing restrictions. So, my daughter asked me if she could play Minecraft online with one of her best friends. Now, normally I wouldn’t let Lydia play games with online interaction, but because she wasn’t able to see any friends and this would only be with one specific friend whose parents I knew quite well, I thought I could make an exception. Then two things happened. 1. I realised how many people play Minecraft (about 126 million…most of them children and young people). 2. I actually enjoyed playing Minecraft (as she asked me to play with her as well).

Minecraft is popular at the moment. Lydia and her cousin playing Minecraft

Then a big idea hit me. I saw an article of a church using Minecraft to meet with young people virtually during lockdown. I thought this was amazing and I instantly wanted to replicate it. The problem was, I didn’t know anything about Minecraft: how to set up a multiplayer space, and more so, how do that safely. Well, given enough time in Lockdown and you can learn anything! I feel as if I’ve had a degree in Minecraftology! And now, I’m excited to say, that as of this last month, I’ve been able to start a Minecraft Ministry, and it has been buzzing! I have had most of the youth in our church get involved and have started having requests from friends and parents from outside the church.

Some of the Youth posing for a picture outside the virtual rebuild of our church

Anytime the word Minecraft is mentioned, I instantly have a small crowd of kids asking: “How big is the Jesus statue now? You’ve built a Spleef Stadium…What?! Mario Kart, in Minecraft? How did you do that?” With Minecraft, the possibilities are nearly endless, but I’m not just talking about games, I’m talking about a way to reach young people. You see, God gave me another idea. Our church is currently going through the “I Am” statements of Jesus (in fact I’m preaching on it next week), and then someone sent me an email about a contest for making the best Bible scene in Minecraft …these two ideas came together and I thought, “I could build a giant Jesus statue, displaying elements from Minecraft that illustrate who Jesus is.” Namely, Jesus is the Light of the World, so, Jesus is like the torch in Minecraft, and Jesus is the Bread of Life, so, Jesus is like the bread in Minecraft. The idea kept growing and I got to thinking, “Minecraft could really help teach Jesus!” And here we are, third week in, and we are teaching Jesus through Minecraft! It’s amazing!

So, I’m very excited about this, not only because we are reaching kids locally, but because I really think we could be on to something. You see, the other day I was in a meeting with Youth for Christ Directors from the North West of Britain, and when I mentioned my new Minecraft Ministry, all their ears pricked up. In fact, one mentioned this could be used as a potential training session to equip other youth leaders. It was then I realised, “This idea is bigger than Colwyn Bay, it’s a whole new way of teaching Jesus.” So, if you’re interested in learning how to use Minecraft to teach Jesus…then please contact me. But If nothing else, please pray that young people here in Colwyn Bay and around the world can learn who Jesus is: The Way, The Truth, and The Life!

Other News:

We’ve had lots of new year 7’s coming up through our church and Youth for Christ. So, both youth groups are growing and it’s exciting to see the two groups working together to have a greater reach. Speaking of Youth for Christ, this last month we had virtual camp weekend. Granted it wasn’t exactly the same, but it was still pretty awesome. Young people camped in their back gardens and then tuned in for morning, afternoon, and evening sessions. It was good time and another great way to plug in the year 7’s. Lastly, we we’re able to get away for an extended weekend with Miriam’s parents and family. It was a great time to be with people again and relax for a bit.

Please keep praying for us…there’s so much potential and I’ve got even more big ideas. In three words…Skate Park Ministry! Stay tuned! =)

Loads of Youth and Children (including our two) visit the local Skate Park…but as you’ll see in pics below, the park is a bit worse for wear and needs some TLC. That’s why I’m thinking of “adopting” the Skate Park to not only clean it up but maybe even do some repairs on it. Who knows what kind of opportunities it could open up in the community!

Thank you for your prayers and support!

3 thoughts on “On To Something

  1. How exciting! Hi, I am Simona Afable, from Bible Baptist Church, Vallejo, CA. Even though our church is not supporting you, I still enjoy your monthly newsletters. I have an 11 year-old grandson, a 7 year-old granddaughter and a 6 year-old grandson. I also have a 16 year-old granddaughter and a 2 year-old grandson.

    Anyway, my two oldest grandsons are totally into Minecraft. I really do not like the game myself. My 6-year-old (Colin) is totally, totally, totally obsessed with Minecraft. He gets into it from YouTube. We live in middle-state California. I am really interested in your version of Minecraft. The only grandchild that goes to church with us regularly is my 16-year-old granddaughter. It gets very complicated with her Mom and brothers. Colin had been attending church off and on before the pandemic. But now he is back north of Sacramento living with his dad. He goes to school up there.

    As I was saying, I would be interested in finding out how we could connect with you and your youth about Virtual connection to your Minecraft game with Jesus. Just a thought. Thanks though for sharing with me the event that are happening in the United Kingdom.

    Simona Afable, SA

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  2. Hi Simona, great to hear from you! It’s always encouraging to hear back from folks that have read our newsletter. As for Minecraft, I’d love to try to be a help to you! I think the best way forward would be if you could contact me through my email found here: https://finches4uk.com/contact/. That way I can find out a bit more about your situation (for example the version of Minecraft you have…don’t worry if you don’t know, I can help you figure that out) and how to best get your grandkids plugged into a Minecraft Jesus World. I’ll keep an eye on my inbox. Hope to hear from you there! Thanks and God bless! -Korey


  3. Wonderful to see how God moves….even through online games! Would like to get Dylan involved sometime…love y’all!


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