Texas-Sized Blessings

In Grapevine Texas

Hello from the Lone Star State! Yes, we are deep in the heart of Texas! It has been so good to see so many of you already (even those of you in Louisiana!), and we’re looking forward to those of you we hope to see soon. You have been a real blessing to us! In fact, it is a little overwhelming how kind and loving y’all have been to us. I have to remind myself, “You’re in Texas…these are Texas-sized Blessings!!!”

Driving a Texas Truck!

From Day 1 we have been offered a truck to drive, a house to stay at, food left, right, and center, and money to meet our needs. You have given to us so generously and we pray that God will bless you as you’ve certainly made us feel blessed. Thank you!

Lydia’s First Friday Night Football

And also, what a huge blessing it is to spend time with my family! Many of them have never met our son, Ethan, and it’s a real joy to catch up, hang out, and give hugs!

Flying Across the Pond

But the blessings aren’t just Stateside. Before we flew “across the pond” we were blessed for Korey to have the opportunity to preach at a school assembly for Rydal Penrhos School in Colwyn Bay. This is a fantastic connection to have as the school is located in Colwyn Bay and we hope that our relationship will grow to be a mutual blessing to the school and also to our future Youth for Christ Centre in Colwyn Bay.

Preaching at Rydal School

Speaking of which, things are still moving forward, even in our absence – there is an amazing team of volunteers that are looking after Shuffle and Shake (the YFC ministry in Colwyn Bay) while we are away. Please remember to pray for the work in Wales while we are Stateside.

Preaching at Meadow Creek

There have been so many encouraging things in the last month before our trip with many “unchurched” young people and families engaging with our various projects….and then coming back for more! Namely, at Shuffle and Shake there has consistently been around 5-6 “unchurched/non-Christian” youth in our group that regularly attend and then at Lego Club (one of our church projects) we have also seen several “unchurched/non-Christian” families repeatedly attending and getting to know us better.

Ice-Cream Time! With the Cousins!

We are particularly excited for our church’s big Christmas outreach event called “The Big Gift” that we will be helping with when get back. I really believe that we are in a beginning of a big “sowing season” and we hope that God will use events like this to “sow, water, and give the increase” for a mighty harvest. God is good! You know what, He’s even bigger than Texas-sized blessings! God bless Y’all! Or in Cymraeg (Welsh), “Pob Bendith!”

Thank you for your Prayers and Support!

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