Bring Him Home

Recently, I saw the live production of Les Misérables live on stage (which I must say is such a beautiful allegory on the nature of law and grace). The musical was wonderful but I left with one moment at the forefront of my mind. In one particular scene Jean Valjean is praying to God and asking Him to protect a young man and “bring him home” safe from a battle that is about to take place. As I sat listening to this prayer being sung, my heart began to harmonize along with this prayer. It was then that I realized that is our prayer, this is our desire: that the youth of this nation might know God, might see Him for who He really is and come home to Him.

Some of the kid’s creations from Lego Club

With that as a bit of a lengthy intro let me briefly share some moments on how I believe God is bringing the youth home to him. Firstly, we’ve had two fantastic Lego clubs. What is so encouraging about these is how they bring the community together with the church. Often church here is so removed from everyday life, it’s like an old book on the shelf in the dark corner of a room. But with Lego club, I’ve started to get to know people, people not normally at church, and then I see these people again, out in the town, with their kids at the park or at the gym and they know me as the guy from the church that runs the Lego club. What a blessing!

Some of the games ready for Shuffle and Shake

Shuffle and Shake has also been a continual blessing. Thank you so much for your prayers for this. What has been so exciting is that again “unchurched” youth have been coming along…and they keep coming back! Some have even started coming to other Youth for Christ meetings! It’s great to see God at work in these young people’s lives!

Recording for the BBC

Another huge honour this last month was I had the opportunity to record a sermon for BBC Radio Wales. If you not familiar with the BBC it is the largest news and media provider in Britain. I don’t know how many folks will tune in but it’d be great to spread the word: Nov 17th at 7:30am (UK time) tune in to BBC Radio Wales for “Celebration.” It is a recording of Prince’s Drive Baptist Church, with me giving the sermon.

Bi-lingual worship

Lastly, this month I led my first worship song in Cymraeg (Welsh)! Now, I have sung a Christmas carol before, but this was different. This was intentional and took a lot of effort and memorization. In the end, it felt so precious to worship God in another language and so special to share that with other Welsh speakers in the congregation. Molwch Dduw! (Praise God!)

Pray for Colwyn Bay

Please remember we will be in Texas in just a weeks’ time (Oct 26th – Dec 1st). If we haven’t already established plans with you to visit with your church or family please do get in touch! We really look forward to seeing you soon! God bless!

Thank you for your prayers and support

One thought on “Bring Him Home

  1. To our “friends”, thank you for following the Lord’s leading in the United Kingdom. Some day, we will all be in God’s United Kingdom, singing praises to Him and our Savior, Jesus.


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