Broadcasting Hope

As of May 25th, the United Kingdom has the highest Covid-19 death rate in the world according to data from

This makes sense when you consider the relatively small size of Britain and its high number of reported deaths. I know people often think of the UK and the US in similar terms, but in all actuality, The UK is 1/3 the size of Texas, let alone the whole of America.

I share this with you to illustrate that I believe the general mood here is low (speaking on behalf of the month of May). Unrest and discouragement fill the air. Furthermore, while other places in the world have started re-opening, the UK (especially Wales) largely remains in a state of lockdown. I know many churches have started meeting again in the States, but here there is no indication yet of when we will be allowed to meet again. There is a great sense of fear that if the restrictions are eased, the death toll will grow even more, perhaps horrifically.

It is in these times some have asked us, “Is there anything you can do…what are you able to do during the pandemic?”

So, it is here that I want to report to you and remind myself that we are broadcasters of Hope. What do I mean? I mean that we have been on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, WordPress, and Mailchimp (to name a few) with a message of Hope.

Leading Worship Over Zoom

And exactly what is this hope? Well, the answer lies in asking the question better, namely, “Who is our Hope?” The only answer, The One who has always been the answer and still is the Answer, even behind closed doors, even at funerals, even in hospitals, even in depressing news reports, and political unrest…Our only Hope is Jesus. He is our Hope. And what exactly is Hope? Is it just a “I hope things will eventually get better or… maybe things will change” kind of hope? No, that is not Hope in Christ. You see Hope depends on the object of your hope. If you hope in the lottery, you will undoubtedly be disappointed. The same could be said about the economy, politics, healthcare, and the world in general. Put your hope in these things and you will be eventually find yourself disappointed.

But Christ is better than the bank, more stable than the economy and more powerful than the plague. He is our Rock and He will be triumphant and those who place their trust, their “Hope”, in Him, will stand with Him one day in Glory.

To paraphrase a Psalm I have been preaching to myself: “Why my soul are you discouraged, why are you depressed…Come on! Hope in God! I will praise Him again” (Psalm 42-43)

This is the message I’ve shared with schools in video chapel, young people on Instagram, Zoom Meetings, and YouTube Videos, and that I’m sharing with you here and now through Facebook, Mailchimp and WordPress.

Leading Worship for Church

Hope is found in Christ and as Romans says, this Hope does not disappoint. (Romans 5:5) So, Hope in God! Determine to trust in Him and then… pass it on. This is one thing people won’t mind catching.

If you haven’t seen it, be sure to check out our latest update video!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

Family pics from the lockdown…

Header Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash


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