Follow Up

Last month, at the Higher Tour in Llandudno, 400 young people responded to the Gospel! It was a Heaven-touching-Earth moment that blew us all away. God is God that way…Amazing and All-Powerful! Since that day, we’ve been working to follow up with young people after that amazing event.

400+ Young people responding to the Gospel

In Llandudno, we had 4 young people that made a decision to accept Christ. All 4 have taken a Bible and most continue to come faithfully to our follow-up meetings. What’s so amazing about this is that these are not kids from Christian backgrounds, and we’ve been working with them for well over a year.

If that wasn’t enough, one young man came forward after a follow-up meeting and said he hadn’t gone to the Higher Tour but that he had prayed to God in his bedroom to become a Christian. He wanted to know if he could have a Bible too! Absolutely!

Higher Tour Bible

In Colwyn Bay it has been exciting to see how God is working through Shuffle and Shake (the Youth for Christ project) and Youth Connect (our Church’s Sunday youth group).

Shuffle and Shake Meeting
Youth playing a game that a man in the church made for Shuffle and Shake

At the church, I’ve officially been appointed as the Deacon of Youth. Fancy title I know, but it just basically means that I’m to be a leading voice for the youth in our church. It’s exciting, as we’ve continued to have about 10 young people come to our Connect class ever Sunday. Even more exciting, is seeing them get involved in the church in various ways. This last month we’ve had young people doing the Scripture Reading for the congregation and taking up the offering.

Youth doing the Scripture Reading

At Shuffle and Shake, we’ve continued to have around 20 young people attend. We’re working our way through Dare2Share’s “Life in 6 words” G.O.S.P.E.L. acronym. As part of the teaching the other week, I intentionally burnt some toast, really badly, and then tried to “fix it” by putting lots of chocolate spread on it. It was a memorable way of teaching the “S” from the acronym, namely, “Sins cannot be removed by good deeds.” It sparked a lot of questions after the session and even caused some to abandon their games. This interest has combined with the general interest that the Higher Tour sparked and so far, we’ve given out 9 Bibles to young people which are seeking to know God more.  We’ve also had an increase in adult volunteers, which has been a great help. As I’m sure you’re aware of and praying about COVID-19, can I also ask that you pray that the effects of COVID-19, namely, the possible stopping of schools and public meetings, doesn’t stunt this momentum of spiritual growth and interest?

Lydia Turns 7 years old

Lastly, this month has been special as our Lydia celebrated her 7th birthday. Thank you to all those who sent her a birthday card. What a blessing to follow-up with all those whom God is drawing near to Him! Praise the Lord!

Thank you for your prayers and support!

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