Higher than Mountains

Looking back over this last month, brings to mind the lyrics of one of the songs we recently sang with the youth, “Higher than the mountains that I face…” Perhaps you might recall, from my recent visit, some of the “mountains” or challenges to ministry we face here. Namely, that 95% of young people do not attend a church of any kind. Well, this month, in three key ways I’ve been reminded that God is Higher!

Good Attendance at Shuffle and Shake

Firstly, God has been doing amazing things at Shuffle and Shake (our Board game & Milk shake youth club). After returning from the States, I half expected for Shuffle and Shake’s attendance to be down. But, I have been pleasantly surprised! For the past three weeks in a row our attendance has grown. First, we had 18, (and I thought that was a record) but then we had 19 and then 22! God is doing something amazing here! Each night more and more young people come out and here the Good News of Jesus Christ. And all of this is coming at and amazing time, which is the second way God is showing that He is Higher.

Higher Tour Performing in Local High School

Namely, through an event called “The Higher Tour.” This is an event that I’ve had the privilege of partnering with, through Youth for Christ. The event books assemblies with high schools and then has a band come in to perform music and give testimonies of how Jesus is their Hope and Saviour. This culminates with the invitation to massive concert at which the Gospel is given. Over 1,200 young people came to this concert and over 400 responded to the Gospel invitation! I personally was able to lead 10 young people during the response and I knew 4 of the young people in my group. I really think this has been a game changer for North Wales and that many young people will now, not only be entering into a relationship with Christ, but also start entering through the doors of local churches, which I hope and pray will lead to revival.

Youth Leading a Time of Prayer at our Church

This leads me to, perhaps, the most encouraging way God has reminded me, “He is higher.” This past quarter, we’ve seen a significant increase of young people coming to our church.  At the beginning of last year we only had 2-3 regular attending teens, now we have between 10-15 on a Sunday morning, with many weeks seeing a new young person come along as a result of either Shuffle and Shake or just the word getting out that “Hey this church loves young people and wants them to know Jesus!” I’m so excited about what is happening right now! God is moving in North Wales. He is higher than the mountains! Praise the Lord!

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Making the Most of the Weather!

Cover Photo by Mark Koch on Unsplash

One thought on “Higher than Mountains

  1. Thank you for sharing. Our church seems to be going in the opposite direction. We’re a small church, but we average 70-75 weekly. Our membership is actually around 300. We just had another family leave. It’s sad. BUT, like you said, our God is Higher than the mountain tops, deeper than the sea. He is still just a nanosecond away.


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