The Big Gift

So, way back in 2019, before Christmas, we had this amazing event called “The Big Gift.” Our desire was to put on an event that would not only be a fun, family-friendly Christmas event for the community but also something that would celebrate the various areas of ministry already happening at our church: Toddlers, Teens, Seniors, etc. We weren’t quite sure what to expect. It was our first time to try this approach and we we’re hoping that at least a couple families from the community would come along. We were blown away when by the end of the day we had had over 200 people come through the doors, many of them being young families from the community! Amazing!

In the middle of The Big Gift

Speaking of Christmas events, we finished off the year at Shuffle and Shake with a super fun, life-sized version of Cluedo (aka CLUE in the States). Our team of leaders each dressed up as one of the characters from the game: (from left to right) Mr. white (chef), Mrs. Peacock, Colonel Mustard (myself), and lastly Professor Plumb, and the young people went around from “room” to “room” trying to solve the mystery. It was an amazing night! But Shuffle and Shake isn’t just fun and games…the most amazing thing about Shuffle and Shake is the conversations that we have there. In fact, in one of the last meetings of the year, I had gotten a group together to play a game after the talk/lesson, and we were just about to play when one of the young people stopped me and said, “you know what you were just saying, I just have a question…” Twenty-Five minutes later, I was still answering questions and talking openly about Jesus and faith…and the game…it had been completely forgotten! That’s what Shuffle and Shake is about…sharing Jesus with young people!

Shuffle and Shake Team as Cluedo Characters

So, we’ve had an absolutely packed Christmas Season: not only schedule-wise but also quite literally, packed-full rooms. Yes, It has been a lot of hard work, but it has been very rewarding. Indeed, this Christmas Season really felt like God wanted to bless us with “His Big Gift” I really believe He is working and blessing our efforts in Colwyn Bay. I’m so excited to think about what He is going to do in 2020. Thank you God, and May Your Kingdom come and Your will be done in Colwyn Bay!

Packed Christingle Service

Thank you for your Prayers and Support!

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