The Welsh Frontier

After Taking our Beginner Level Welsh Exam

You have probably noticed over the last year or so, that Miriam and I have been putting a significant amount of effort into learning the Welsh language. We have been taking lessons every Monday for over a year now and this last week we just took our first Welsh Exams! We can now “officially” speak basic level Welsh! I know that some folks probably wonder why we are trying to learn Welsh when nearly everyone in our area is capable of speaking English? The short answer is love. It has been said to me that Welsh is a heart language, that is, Welsh is very dear to many Welsh people’s hearts. It’s the language that many speak in their homes with their children and family, choosing only to speak English when it is necessary in the marketplace. So, yes, I could speak to them in English and they would understand me, but what would I be to them…another salesperson? Speaking Welsh, on the other hand, is entirely different. It not only shows that I care, but I go from essentially being a salesperson to a brother. Which would you prefer to listen to? Ultimately, we want to show Welsh people that Jesus loves them, and what better way to do that, than to speak their heart language.

All-Welsh Summer Camp

That being said, this summer is a huge “first steps” of Welsh-speaking ministry for us. Korey has signed up to be a Swyddogion (officer/helper) at an all-Welsh speaking Gwersyllt (youth camp) this summer. It’s definitely jumping into the deep end, but we are praying that this will be a breakthrough moment in Korey’s learning journey and also the beginning of a new chapter of Welsh-based ministries. We’ve already started brainstorming some potential bi-lingual options for some of the regular youth ministries we support in Llandudno Youth for Christ.

An Excerpt from Llandudno Youth for Christ “All-Together” Prayer Night

Speaking of Llandudno Youth for Christ, we’ve been a part of some amazing experiences this month. I’ll briefly mention two. First, there was an “All-Together” Prayer Night that was a huge blessing. It was amazing not only to hear testimonies from young people of what God is doing in their lives, but also to see so many adults from across North Wales, come out to show their support and pray for these young people. See video link above to watch an excerpt of the night!

Life-Sized Star Wars Angry Bird Game

Secondly, in celebration of “Star War’s Day,” we had a LIFE-SIZE Star Wars Angry Birds night! It was a lot of fun! But even greater was the opportunity we had afterward to launch into a discussion about how God is a personal and loving God rather than an impersonal “Force.” Some great memories were made that night! Please keep praying for all that God is doing here in North Wales. We pray that this area will know His love and salvation!

Family Photo outside the U.S. Embassy in London. We renewed the kid’s passports for our visit later this year.

One final note. We have started booking meetings with churches for our visit to Texas this Autumn (Oct 26th – Dec 1st). Several Sundays are already booked with more soon to be confirmed. If you would like for us to come and visit your church this Autumn, please get in touch with us as soon as possible as Sundays are booking up.

Family Photo in Windsor on our way to the U.S. Embassy. Loving Ethan’s big “cheese” smile

Thank you for your prayers and support!

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