Victories, Valleys, and a Visit

Leading the All-In Easter Service at Bethesda


Prince’s Drive Palm Sunday All-In Service: This month I was invited to coordinate two “All-In” services and both on very important days in the church calendar. The first was at our church Prince’s Dr. on Palm Sunday morning. This was a considerable change for our church in that we rearranged the auditorium seating around tables. We had colouring pages and Lego set out on the tables and had people work together on various activities at their table that all tied into the theme: “See that Jesus is the King that Came for the Cross.” In one activity they played a modified version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. In this version they were blindfolded and had to try to place Jesus on the donkey. The principle was that they couldn’t see Jesus for who He was, “The King” yes, but who “Came for the Cross”. In the end everyone left challenged and encouraged to “See Jesus” this Easter Season. There was great feedback from the congregation and we also had several visiting families that day.

Leading the All-In Palm Sunday Service at Prince’s Drive

Bethesda Easter Day All-In Service: Just as we recovered from our preparation and work for Palm Sunday, we found ourselves in Warrington to lead a second “All-In” service. This one on Easter Sunday morning! This was a new experience for the church and they took to it very well. They had their young people put on a skit and a puppet show and at the end of the service I had everyone participate in placing flowers on a cross made out of oasis. The principle was that these flowers remind us that “Jesus is Alive and Loves us and offers us His Life!” The response was tremendous as everyone in the chapel got up to participate. In the end the cross was no longer ugly and barren but full of flowers and life just like our lives can be with Christ in us!

Youth performing skit at Bethesda on Easter Sunday

Other great stuff: Besides these two banner days we had a lot of other “regular” ministries that went very well. Namely: Lego club, Shuffle and Shake, Christian Union meetings, and a Local High School Assembly


They always say in ministry that bad things tend to happen right before something really good is about to happen. Well, this certainly felt like the case. I had an amazing opportunity to connect with a local community centre to run a basketball clinic for their local children and youth. It was going great…right up until my knee gave way. I knew something was not right. I saw the doctor and he said that it looks like I tore my ACL last year and my knee will keep giving way when I play sports unless it is fixed. It was a rough day! But, it was all worth it! We had two amazing church services! I believe these services were the beginning of a journey for these churches in becoming more effective in reaching and connecting with the younger generations.

A Visit

We’ve been thinking it’s about time for a visit back to Texas. If you live in Texas (or nearby) and currently support us or are interested in starting to support us, we would love to visit with you and share in person the stories and vision of God’s work here in North Wales. At the moment we looking at dates from late Oct. to early Dec. Please contact us via email at:

Thank you for your prayers and support!

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