The Story’s Gettin’ Good

I do love a good story. I remember as a kid, I’d be watching a movie with my mom and she’d say, “It’s gettin’ goooood!” (Love you Mom!). Well, this month I’ve been reflecting on how our story here in Wales has been developing, and, I dare say, I think the story’s gettin’ good. Here’s some parts of the story so far…

1. The Youth for Christ bit

Movie Night at Reverb

Reverb stories: The young people that come to Reverb have very little or no church background. This week during the talk, one started talking about the importance of the blood of Jesus! We were slightly shocked and were like, “Yes! That’s right!” Then a few weeks back another spoke up during the discussion and said, “We are meant to be together with God.” Again, we were like, “Yes, they’re getting it!”

An exceprt of the Llandudno Youth For Christ Newsletter

School stories: Recently, in Aberconwy C.U., a young man surprised us by saying, “I’d like to be more religious.” Here in Wales, most people think Christianity is just another religion they can’t be bothered with. The fact this boy said he wanted religion was counter-cultural! He later said, “It’s is very difficult to have faith…and maybe that’s why people who don’t believe are often angry towards people who do believe.” Wow!

Then just yesterday he asked this simple but profound question, “What is Easter?”

What?! The truth is, Wales is not a place where everyone knows and loves Jesus. Well, I’m excited to say this young man wants to hear about Jesus and we are getting to tell him! Amazing! Pray for this young man! I’m excited to say I’ve heard he’s started attending a Christian youth club called “Connect” in Llanfairfechan.

Me and Brian Wright overlooking Llanfairfechan

Colwyn Bay stories: We’ve had our first two sessions of Shuffle and Shake and they both went really well. We’re excited to have our third session this next Monday. You can read more about shuffle and shake here

Ready to start our First Shuffle and Shake Night

2. The Welsh bit:

Welsh is now becoming a percentage of our everyday speech. From playing with Lydia in Cymraeg (Welsh language) to attending Noson o Hwyl and Paned a Sgwrs (Night of Fun and Cuppa and Chat) we’re working really hard at being conversational in Welsh and I think we’re making progress. Please, pray for Summer opportunities for us to improve our Welsh.

Me Practing Welsh by playing a card game at the Noson o Hwyl

3. Our Local Church bit:

Preaching: Thanks to connections through our local church I’ve had the privilege of preaching more recently. I’ve made it goal to preach at least once a month in a local church in North Wales. 

Inspiring – Teenagers giving their testimonies at the Youth Evangelism Conference

All-In: We have 2 All-in Service appointments this month: Palm Sunday and Easter. We are passionate about All-in services as we believe that are a great way of getting the youth back to being a present and active part of the church.

Lego club: We’re running a Lego club one Saturday a month as an outreach ministry through our local church and we’re finding it a great way to reach out and build relationships. So far we had a least 4 new families (not in church) come along. We have our third meeting this Saturday, please pray for it.

Well, that’s part of the story, and as excited as I am about it, I know it’s only a small piece of a Bigger story: God working to draw North Wales back to Him…may our story be His story.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Cover Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash

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