Potent Chills

Have you ever been standing on the edge of a cliff…admiring the beauty of God’s creation when a thought like this pops into your head, “What would it be like to step out and fly?!” I imagine that thought would send chills down your spine! The thought of all that danger and yet all that POTENTIAL energy! Mind-tingling! This month has been full of moments like that, where we have stood in awe of all the potential things God is doing here in North Wales. Here are several wonderful opportunities that are unfolding right in front of us right now:

  1. Shuffle and Shake: If you haven’t already heard, Shuffle and Shake is what we are calling the beginning of a new Youth for Christ programme in Colwyn Bay. It will be a café styled youth club with lots of fun new board games to play and delicious freshly made milkshakes. We believe this will be a winning combination and a great way to not only bless the town with a safe space for youth but also introduce them to the Church, Christianity, and ultimately Christ. We’re hoping to launch this programme this coming January/February!
  2. All-In Service: One of the things we are extremely passionate about is getting young people ENGAGED with the body of Christ, the Church. 95% of young people here have NOTHING to do with ANY church. So, we are very excited about trying a new format for church services that will minister to everyone, all in together, in a way that benefits the youngest to the oldest. It’s called the “All-in Thing” and we are piloting our first service this next Sunday Dec. 9th. We are excited about getting the whole Church involved in youth ministry and youth involved with the Church. After all, we are all in this together!
  3. Preaching Engagements: I’ve recently been invited to speak at a couple local churches and it has been very encouraging to me. I definitely feel like God has called me to preach and so when I get the opportunity, I feel His pleasure as I preach. I hope that, in some way, God is using me to spark a passion for youth ministry in North Wales.
  4. Speaking Welsh: Dwi wedi dysgu llawer o Gymraeg mis ‘ma. (My attempt to say, “I’ve learned lots of Welsh this month.”) It’s has become a passion of mine to learn Welsh and there are so many opportunities that are springing up as I learn. It’s very difficult, but very rewarding! Molwch Dduw! (Praise God!)


Family Pic on Steam Train
Speaking at Lego Club in Warrington

Thank you for your Prayers and Support!

Cover Photo by Zoltan Fekeshazi on Unsplash


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