Life Without Music

Did you know that playing a musical instrument has the potential to make you “smarter?” Well, at least that is what a certain TED talks video has to say.  It suggests that things like a heightened ability in strategizing, problem solving, and memory are all likely benefits of playing an instrument. So, why am I telling you this here in our newsletter? Well, a group of Christian youth workers, who established a music-based outreach in a High School, asked me if I would teach music lessons for several class periods as a part of their ministry. I must admit I was a little hesitant at first, as I wouldn’t really consider myself a “music teacher,” but what a blessing it has been!


I felt like I was not only able to give them a genuine music lesson (the above being an excerpt), but also give them the Gospel. I asked them, “If music is so powerful, can you imagine life without it?” and then, “As a Christian, I often feel that people live their lives without God in much the same way as someone living without music.” I was then able to encourage them that Christianity isn’t the obsolete drag on life they’ve been told that it is, but rather the best thing for a person. This was to four different full classrooms of presumably all non-Christians. Please join me in praying that God would fill these students lives with the joy of His rhythm and Grace.

Shuffle and Shake

board game stock

I had some very exciting meetings this month which laid the foundation of what is to become the “Shuffle and Shake,” a youth drop-in board gaming café in Colwyn Bay. The idea is simple – build relationships with young people in a fun way, by playing board games and serving milkshakes, and in doing so, introducing them to Christ!

Why Welsh?

WIN_20181028_18_00_59_ProI’ve started dedicating more time to learning Welsh by meeting up once a week with a local Pastor to practice our Welsh together. Why? Although almost everyone can speak English, Welsh is still very special to them. For example, there are “Welsh-medium” Schools in which Welsh is only language spoken. I’ve found that many people can and prefer to speak Welsh. I’ve also become friends with several of these people and I want to establish a deeper connection with them by learning their beloved language. I’ve already made many new friends as a result of simply trying to learn. One of them even came to a Church social evening this month.

Shuffle Challenge and Mentoring


I’ve recently been testing a resource that I’m hoping to eventually use at the “Shuffle and Shake” as a “next steps” of faith program. It’s a deck of 42 cards each with a particular faith-based challenge, ranging from “switching your phone off” to “confess your sins to God.” The resource seems to be working really well. I’ve been able to use them with two young people I’ve been meeting with regularly and they’ve both really opened up about God. One is a new Christian and the other is not a Christian.

Praises and Prayers:


  • Praise: Visa Renewal Application has been sent
  • Praise: Christian Union at Aberconwy High School is growing
  • Prayers: Korey will be granted his Visa extension this month
  • Salvation of young people at Llandudno YFC.
  • Youth at weekly Mentoring Meet-ups.
  • Development of Shuffle and Shake
  • Special “All-In” Service at our Church this December

Thank you for your prayers and support!


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