Angry Birds, Happy Finch

Angry Birds is a mobile phone game that was first launched back in 2009. If you’ve never heard of it, then simply ask any young person and they will probably act like its ancient history! And I guess in some ways it kind of is, as since the original came out, Angry birds has released 26 more ‘Angry Birds’ spin – off games.

So why am I telling you about this? This past Sunday night at Llandudno Youth for Christ I had the privilege of leading a ‘life-sized’ version of Angry Birds as part of an outreach night. It was awesome! And I’m not just talking about flinging bouncy balls at green balloons (which was a lot of fun) but more importantly the fact that young people in Llandudno were engaging with the message of the Gospel.

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Angry Birds Night

How? Well, we’ve been building up to this night in our other weekly meeting ‘Reverb’ that runs every Thursday after school. And our goal has been to see new people make the jump from the fun, relationship-building ‘Reverb’ meetings to the more intentional, disciple-making ‘Redefine’ (the night we had the special Angry Birds evening on). And it’s working! Young people are coming from the school, town, etc. to Reverb and then to Redefine and ultimately to Christ! Fantastic! The birds might be angry but I’m Happy!

Giving the Gospel at Reverb, Using a Burnt Cake as an Illustration

Outreach in Warrington

The Family Fun day with Bethesda Church in Warrington was a huge success. I’m looking forward to partnering with them for an all-age service this coming Easter!

School Outreach Week

I have the massive opportunity of going into Prestatyn H.S. later this month to give my testimony as part of a series of music lessons.

Visit From my Brother

We’re looking forward to a visit from my brother this month. It will be great to catch up with him.

Family ‘Stay-cation’

After a very busy summer, we’re really looking forward to a week off with the family this October. We’re hoping to take the kids to some fun places around North Wales.

Visa Extension

My current visa expires at the end of November and I’ve started the application for an extension for another 3 years. Please pray the process goes smoothly and that I will be granted a further 3 years.

Praises and Prayers:

  • Young people to make the jump from ‘Reverb’ to ‘Redefine’ to Christ
  • Korey’s visa extension to be granted for another 3 years
  • Big ideas for Colwyn Bay to start to come together
  • I will get to know the students better at Aberconwy Christian Union
  • Blessed family holiday in October
  • Blessed week of outreach in local H.S. this October
  • Brother, Kyler, to have safe journey on his visit

Thank you for your prayers and support!

We enjoyed having a video chat with Calvary Church in Weatherford, TX this month. We’d love to chat with you too! Let me know if this interests you.

2 thoughts on “Angry Birds, Happy Finch

  1. Dear Miriam and Korey,

    Uncle Rick and I are going to Ireland and a couple days in London in February and we want to see you guys also so we will have to figure that part out. I retire from working at the Housing Authority of Contra Costa County after 24 years and Uncle Rick turns 65 years old on February 1st, so February 4th – February 13th is our trip. I really want to know how the best way to see you would be. Alan said something about a Ferry – but haven’t looked into it or any better way.

    We have never ever been on a trip – not even a Honeymoon when we got married 39 years ago – coming up on October 13th. So you can tell we are very excited. I know it won’t be the warmest then, but wanted to celebrate the two occasions and Ricky always wanted to go to Ireland because you know it only take a drop of Irish blood you know. lol.

    Talk to you later. Pray for you guys and love you.

    Aunt Alanna


    1. Hi Alanna! That sounds amazing! It would be great to see you guys! Miriam knows better than me about travel and tourism so I’ve asked her to give you a message. She said she’d message you on facebook messenger….or let us know if you don’t do facebook messenger. Love you guys!


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