And the Kitchen Sink!

Summer weather here lasts only about as long as the summer holidays … 6 weeks! It’s the first week of September and I’ve already started wearing jumpers (British for sweaters).  Summer is always a busy crunch time and this summer was no different with two youth camps, a mini-retreat, an exciting summer program and then just throw in fitting a new kitchen for good measure! It’s no wonder I feel like it was only yesterday that I was writing last month’s newsletter.  So, today is my first office day in about 6 weeks, and now, as I look out my rainy British window, I smile to myself  and think about how good God has been this last month and all the exciting things before us as we steam ahead toward Autumn!

Back to School

lyd school

School started this first week of September and it was great to be back helping lead the Christian Union in Aberconwy HS and the drop-in afterschool youth club at YFC Llandudno. Also, I’ve been speaking to two individuals about prospects of doing some school’s work in Rhyl and Prestatyn!

New Kitchen

ethan kitchen

The kitchen in our house was riddled with damp and mold. Our landlord agreed to my crazy idea that if they bought a new kitchen I would put it in. I thought with all my recent construction experience it’d be no problem.  Lol! It was very difficult but its finished now and we’re happy with our new kitchen.

Two New Christians

fuse pic

I was able to attend two youth camps this summer. At each youth camp there was one young person that I have worked with in the past (Llay, Llandudno) that went forward to become a Christian. AWESOME!

Exciting Things Ahead

I’m looking forward to several exciting meetings this month to discuss things such as: New school’s work opportunities, being on a Youth camp director’s board and starting up a youth café in Colwyn Bay.

Praises and Prayers:

  • Praise: A new “crop” of “on the fringe” youth got involved at several of this summer’s programs and it looks like God is leading them toward a newfound relationship with Him.
  • Praise: Two young people I know became Christians at camp this summer.
  • Praise: Our kitchen is finished and looking great!
  • Praise: It’s great to be back in the C.U. in Aberconwy H.S. and leading Reverb for Llandudno YFC.
  • Praise: I have been asked to teach some music lessons in a local public high school as part of an outreach project in the school. Last year 10 youth got saved because of the project.
  • Prayer: Please pray for the two young people that became Christians at camp. They both have parents that are atheistic and disapprove of their new faith.
  • Prayer: People that attended the family fun day in Warrington will come to start coming to church.
  • Prayer: For Miriam and I as we continue to learn Welsh.
  • Prayer: That I will be quickly granted my visa extension as we apply for it soon.

Thank you for your Prayers and Support!

ethan 2

Cover Photo by Taylor Wilcox on Unsplash

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