Hurry Up and Wait…

It can be very frustrating getting stuck in traffic. Everything is moving smoothly and suddenly you’re stuck going nowhere fast. Sometimes ministry has phases like this. For example, last week was the final week of school and was busy with prayer meetings, school clubs, youth clubs, Lego clubs, leader’s meetings, mentoring meetings and more! (deep breath) Then school stopped, and everything slowed down. Especially when on the last week of school, you’re like me and blow out your knee playing basketball! I felt a bit like being stuck in traffic. In many ways it’s been good to slow down as it’s given me a chance to think about the future. There’s a lot we want to do here in North Wales and it all takes prayer and planning. One idea that I’ve been considering is starting up a board game café for young people. I think it might be an attractive, non-threatening way to build relationships with the goal of introducing youth to Christ. Not to mention its great community work and I really love playing board games. We’ll see if it may be an avenue God will use to bring His Kingdom to North Wales. Tonight, I’m running my first board game night for young people in Llandudno and that “traffic jam” I mentioned earlier, it clears this weekend as I’m off to camp(s) for 7 days! It’s all go again!

Lego Club Building Blocks


On July 14th, I had the privilege of speaking at Bethesda’s Lego club in Warrington. Bethesda is really trying to make inroads into their community’s young families. This Lego club has been a brilliant way of making new contacts and building relationships.

Family Outreach Day


On September 1st and 2nd I will be back at Bethesda to help lead their Family Fun Day. I will be organising a Nerf Battle for the young people. Then on Sunday I will be speaking during their morning Family service.

Church on the Beach


On July 22nd our church held their service on the beach. It was a beautiful day and it was great to see our neighbor there who hasn’t been to church in a while.

Summer Camps


On August 4th – 9th I will be with Youth for Christ at Camp in Staffordshire.  I’m guessing there will be around 6,000 people there and I’m trusting God to do an amazing work. Then on August 9th, I’m also hoping to catch the end of Fuse camp in Mid-Wales. There are many young people there that I’ve developed relationships with through school’s work and speaking engagements and I’m praying they’ll get saved at camp.

Praises and Prayers:

  • We’ve had a lot of trouble with our kitchen and I’m planning to repair it in August. Pray it all goes smoothly.
  • Korey is at two youth camps this month. Pray for souls, strength, and safety.
  • God’s direction on a new youth work project in our area.
  • Praise: I have a great relationship with the high school in Conwy and look forward to the next school term.
  • Praise: I have been meeting regularly with two young lads and am praying to seeing them accept Christ and grow in Him.

Thank You For Your Prayers and Support!


Cover Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

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