Big Blessings

This past month has been a huge encouragement. It feels like its been a long time since God opened Heaven and blessed with this many young people coming to know the Lord. This past “dry season” really weighed heavily on my heart. At times it was hard to believe “your labour is not in vain” when so many young people crossed my path without turning to Christ. But this last month has been a huge reminder that God is faithful to bless His work and that we are right where God wants us to be. 


Six Souls Saved!

At a special evangelistic YFC event “Revive” in May, 6 young people accepted Christ as their Saviour. I was thrilled to bits as many of these young people I’ve been working with and praying for. God is so Good! Please keep these new Believers in your prayers


More Mentoring

I got to talking with one of the lads who became a Christian at “Revive” and he expressed his interest in meeting up in the week to discuss more in regards to faith. As a result, I’ve started meeting fairly regularly with this young man and lately he has brought along a friend, as well. Please pray for these two young men.


Strong School’s Work

The group in Aberconwy is growing stronger. The receptionists now recognise and welcome me. Nearly every week we have a newcomer join our group of around 10 young people as we discuss Christianity over school lunch.

I feel so privileged to be a part of His work here and I pray that this is just the beginning of many more souls coming to know Jesus here in North Wales and the whole of the U.K.!

Praises and Prayers: 

  • Six young people trusted in Lord as their Saviour on at “Revive” on May 20th! Praise the Lord!
  • One of these young people I’ve been able to start meeting with regularly to help him in his new journey
  • I was given a new laptop by my sending church! It is awesome!
  • Ethan turned 2 years old!
  • The Christian Union in Ysgol Aberconwy is doing well. Please continue to pray for this C.U.
  • Youth camp is around the corner on Aug 4-8th. Please pray.
  • I’m involved in a church outreach day in Warrington on Sept 2nd. Please pray.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support!

Cover Image Credit: Photo by James Coleman on Unsplash

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