New Life

Spring has arrived in North Wales and with it comes New Life. The days are growing longer and brighter and it’s as if the physical light has brought with it spiritual growth as all at once new opportunities are popping up everywhere. 


New Christian Union

May has seen the birth of a new Christian Union in Aberconwy High School! A lot of prayers have been answered with this. We’ve met 3 times so far and have averaged an attendance of 10 young people. Please continue to pray for this group that meets every Thursday.

IMG_3925 (1)

New Ideas

This last weekend I had the privilege of attending the Youth Evangelism Conference (YEC) in Warrington. It was a huge blessing and I left feeling charged up with ideas and motivation to reach more young people for Christ.


New Mentoring

God recently really laid a particular young person on my heart. Someone I’ve led to the Lord but haven’t seen much of recently. I decided to reach out to this lad. The result is I’m now meeting once a week with this young man to chat about life and read the Bible over a milkshake. 

God’s blessings this month have blossomed into things like: The beginning of a Christian Union in Aberconwy H.S., a mentoring/discipleship relationship with a young man, an evangelism training conference, a young person coming to know the Lord, and all of this is on top of the successful and growing regular Thursday Reverb Youth drop in club. God is act work bringing NEW LIFE to North Wales and I’m so honoured to be a part of it!

Praises and Prayers: 

God has blessed us with the salvation of a young lady on Sunday night at Youth for Christ’s Redefine meeting! 

We also eagerly look forward to Sunday May 20th on which we will have a special youth evangelistic meeting called “Revive” Please pray for God’s blessing and that many more souls will be saved! 

Also, on this weekend (May 19th) our church is hosting a Family Fun day. This is intended to be both a blessing and an outreach effort in our community. I’m in charge of running a Nerf Battle for the children/youth. Please pray for God’s blessings!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support!

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