Journey or Destination?

Unexpected Journey

I was sad to hear that my Grandfather, Dr James Wilkins, passed away on Christmas Day. Because of the impact that he had on my life I decided to take a trip back to the States to speak at his funeral. There were many miles on this trip as I drove from Dallas to Sacramento and back. Even though it was a tiring journey it was very good to spend time with my family again.

With my Brothers on the long road to California


Trying to make the most out of being in the US I took the opportunity to reach out to as many of our supporters as possible. My time was short and so I was unable to see you all, but I was thankful to visit with some of you. You were truly encouraging and motivating. Thank you!

With Several of our Supporters in Texas

Exciting Things Ahead

This week I meet with a local Pastor to discuss future youth ministry opportunities and a fellow missionary to discuss the restructuring of his youth programme. I’m also excited about deepening my relationship with YFC who has enabled me to minister in local High Schools and a community Youth Club.


After returning from my trip, I began reflecting upon the similarities of where we are currently in ministry and what it was like being on the road for lengthly periods of time. Both give an overwhelming desire to get to the destination. I remember how it felt to cross a State line — “We’re in California! (Finally) Yeah!” It was a welcomed reminder that we were getting close.

This month, as I look forward to future planning meetings, I feel like in another kind of way, I’m again, crossing a State line. I’m rejoicing over how far God has brought us but also gearing up for the next stretch of land. Our destination is the Revival of Great Britain and our vehicle, our journey, is the ministry to the youth.  This is as much about the journey as the destination. I recall these words:  “Not as though I had already attained (arrived)…but I follow after” Philippians 3:12. I thank God for this journey and trust Him to bring us to His destination in His Time. God Bless and Thank You for your partnership!

Praise Report: 

I am looking forward to the possibility of more school ministry opportunities. Back in October I was invited into Prestatyn High school in order to promote a local Christian youth event. At the youth event there were over 10 young people who came forward to find out what it means to have a relationship with Jesus. Please pray for more opportunities where God can use me in this way.

About to teach music lessons in Prestatyn High School in promotion of Christian youth event

Finches4uk NEW LOGO

Partnering with you to reach the youth of Great Britain

Thank you for you Prayers and Support!

Cover Photo Credit to:

unsplash-logoSaeed Gh

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