Billy Graham, Britain, and Me

Billy Graham has long been an inspiration to me. Just recently I started reading his autobiography Just as I am. I have been fascinated by the impact he had on Britain. Nearly every time I mention Billy Graham in a church setting here, someone will chime in with something like, “Oh, my cousin became a Christian at one of his crusades” or even “I decided to follow Jesus at Billy Graham crusade.” Granted, not everyone agrees with everything he did, but what is undeniable is the number of lives who have turned to God as a result of his ministry. My own Mother-in-law attributes her coming to faith as a result of a Graham crusade in Manchester. I hesitate to think if I’d ever have met my wife if her mother had not been a Christian.

Korey pics 134
Me as a Teenager visiting Billy Graham’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame .

But the impact to me personally is even deeper. You see, Billy Graham helped start Youth for Christ in Great Britain. His passion to reach the youth and to communicate in a way they would understand has impacted Britain even up to this present day. I’m truly inspired by Billy Graham and I’m sad to hear that he has died (interestingly enough on my daughter’s 5th birthday). I would never want to catch myself trying to be like Billy Graham in the sense of living up to his fame but one thing I do want—“God if it’s Your will, use me to reach Britain like you used Billy Graham…Lord I want to see Britain turned back to You.”

Training for More

I have recently been given  the responsibility of overseeing Llandudno Youth For Christ’s outreach youth club named “Reverb”. It is a huge honour to be entrusted with this. It’s not only a great regular serving opportunity, but also a great training ground for further Youth for Christ ministries in North Wales.


School’s Work Increase

This past month I was invited to lead and speak at two of the Christian Union meetings in a Llandudno High School. I’m also excited to announce that we have April 12th as a proposed start date for a 2nd C.U. This one being in Conway.

Giving a Talk in a High School in North Wales

Sunday Night Potential

I have recently been invited by two churches to come and preach on Sunday evenings. Both churches have youth in mind. One in Llay is eager to attract youth to an evening evangelistic service while the other has possibilities for a future youth-focused Sunday morning service.

Giving a Youth Talk near Wrexham

Finches4uk NEW LOGO

Partnering with you to reach the youth of Great Britain

Thank you for you Prayers and Support!



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