Blossoms Amidst the Cold

It has been a long and cold winter here in North Wales. Normally our winters are relatively mild but this winter we had half a dozen snow days and the kids were off school numerous times. The first snow was a special treat, but after losing my keys and accidentally breaking a plastic garden chair covered in ice, I’d had enough of the cold. I am ready for the sunshine! Roll on Springtime! A break in the clouds, a beam of warmth and light, a bursting flower bud blooming to life! These blossoms amidst the cold is how I’d describe this past March.

Day 1 of Snow – Sledge Time!

Patient, persistent and defiant against circumstances, determined to bring life and beauty…and life is coming! It is popping up defiantly in many encouraging and inspiring ways: I’m now managing Reverb, speaking in more schools, establishing an identity as a Christian youth worker in N. Wales, having small conversations in welsh with our daughter, and continuing to meet with the youth works in Llanfairfechan, Llay, Warrington and Colwyn bay! The unseen struggle behind the bark through the winter is exploding in stunning colour as spring arrives and life again is on display! And that is what God is doing here with us. Life is beginning to blossom into view…and all this is just the beginning…we look forward to the time of harvest!

Winning the Eisteddfod

We have been actively learning the Welsh language and this month we stepped up our game. Namely, we entered into a Learner’s Eisteddfod which is a competitive festival that celebrates the Welsh Language, and we won in the small singing group category!

Nerf War Outbreak

Llandudno Youth for Christ has an extensive supply of Nerf equipment they use for outreach events. They have allowed me to borrow it to run my own nerf war events. This last month I got to run two such events and I look forward to May 19th when I will get to run a huge one in Colwyn Bay.

Managing Reverb

Reverb is a youth outreach club in Llandudno. In the same way that you feel excited and challenged in a sporting match, Reverb is inspiring, challenging and strengthening me in the areas of: Youth speaking, School/community work, and Team Management.

Praise Report: 

It was a huge blessing to speak at a School Chapel Assembly for Rydal Penrhos School in Colwyn Bay. This is a very prestigious private school and they were pleased with my talk, Jesus is our Relief, and appear to want to establish an ongoing working relationship with them.

Giving a Talk in Rydal’s Chapel Service

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